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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - Time Travel

I have just finished reading a fabulous trilogy by Terri Brisban entitled The MacKendimen Trilogy. I am a big fan of time travel books; I love the journey back in time to ancient villages, the time of castles and warlords, and of intrigue set against the backdrop of real history.

The first book in the Trilogy is A Love Through Time, in which two tourists visiting Scotland fall through a time slip and find themselves in a medieval Scottish village. The castle and village come alive in the book and along with the main characters, Maggie and Alex, you meet others who also have their own stories to tell.

The second book, Once Forbidden, picks up where the first book leaves off with one of the characters from the first book, Anice McNab, taking center stage. She was someone I feared and hated in the first book but this second one did something I did not expect: it showed another side of the woman who had fallen first for Alex MacKendimen... And now has another chance to fall in love. It is set against political intrigue and family secrets and I admit to coming close to tears when I thought all was lost.

The third book, A Matter of Time, is even better than the first two. Maggie's and Alex's son, Robert, falls through the same time slip as his parents did - and finds himself in the same medieval village twenty years after they left. I didn't know what was going to happen in the end - whether Robert would be hurled back to the present without the woman he had fallen in love with; whether it would be possible to take her with him to the present; or if he could somehow defy Fate and remain in a medieval time.

Terri Brisban is a fabulous writer who weaves a fascinating story. The characters and the village itself will remain with you long after you finish that last page.