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Friday, May 31, 2013

Freaky Friday - Life on Mars

Scientists have plans to colonize Mars.

If you consider the population explosion of the past century, the infant mortality deaths that have largely been eliminated and the older ages most country's citizens can expect, it isn't far-fetched to think that, barring some unforeseen global disaster, we will run out of space within the next few centuries. While we won't be around to witness it, our grandchildren or their grandchildren might be.

So in 2023, just ten years from now, the first mission is scheduled for Mars' colonization. Nearly 80,000 people have applied to be included in this mission in just the first two weeks of its announcement.

It will take seven months to reach the Red Planet.

But here's the catch: because each person must become adapted to its environment, they can't come back to Earth. These are one-way tickets.

What will the people do once they reach the planet?

They must begin growing plants, which initially will be in greenhouses. These plants are vital to future life on the planet, providing much needed nutrients to the air and environment. They will build a village, which in the future could become a town or a major city. They will also provide a continuous stream of data that will help scientists on Earth plan for future human habitation.

The individuals selected for this maiden journey will receive eight years' training before lift-off in 2023.