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Friday, May 17, 2013

Freaky Friday - And Is Time Travel Possible?

Yesterday I mentioned a time travel trilogy written by Terri Brisban and admitted to being a huge fan of time travel novels.

But is time travel possible?

It actually is, and it has a very scientific explanation.

Time on Planet Earth is not the same as time on other planets or even when traveling through our solar system.

If an astronaut remains in space for an extended period of time, he can actually return to Earth younger than he would have been if he'd remained Earth-bound.

But can we travel back in time and remain on Planet Earth?

That is a question scientists are currently exploring. Einstein's Theory of Relativity has withstood more than a hundred years of scrutiny by top scientific minds, which shows how we could travel forward in time (though we currently lack the technology to travel faster than the speed of light for long enough to accomplish this.) When that key is unlocked, it may also hold the key to traveling back in time.

Think this is impossible? A bunch of hocus pocus? I remember my grandfather's comment every time anyone attempted the impossible: "He can't do that any more than we can put a man on the moon."

Need I say more?