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Friday, May 3, 2013

Freaky Friday - The Future of Printing

If you haven't seen a 3-D printer in action, it is well worth discovering.

Print on Demand books is currently taking place at a company level such as commercial printers and publishers. But the future holds 3-D printers for household use, which would be capable of printing an entire book complete with hard cover or paperback cover. It even creates the exact binding needed to produce a complete book that rivals those printed now through the largest companies.

But 3-D printers go far, far beyond that. Imagine anything in your home from furniture to kitchen utensils to picture frames, towels, or bedding and you get a sense of the technology coming down the pike.

They can even create objects that function - blenders, coffee makers, television sets, lamps...

Perhaps in the future, stores will be eliminated. Perhaps consumers will simply logon to the Internet, select the blueprints of the item they want, and it will download and begin to print or materialize right in the person's own home.

Think I'm talking about science fiction? Then watch this video below: