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Friday, January 11, 2013

Freaky Friday

I've been asked how my fascination with the freaky or bizarre could possibly help me with my writing. To answer that, one need not look further than my series, Black Swamp Mysteries, and psychic spy Vicki Boyd.

I've mentioned in my Friday posts that we are in a new age with regard to science and technology. In today's world, scientists are able to use some of the same technology developed to identify tumors in the brain to actually track brain movement during psychic sessions.

During a psychic session, activity in the brain's frontal lobe increases dramatically.

An unexpected result of psychic sessions is other parts of the brain used to identify our surroundings and our physical self actually diminish. This means the person in the session itself is no longer aware of their own physical surroundings or what is happening around them while they increasingly "see" what is happening somewhere else in the world.

When psychic spies are used in the United States Government (declassfied information has revealed our government does use them in the CIA, Department of Defense and other Intelligence agencies) they do not treat their missions as hocus pocus but they approach them from scientific stances. Every piece of information provided is analyzed and verified before they are acted upon.

In the Black Swamp Mysteries series, one of the main characters, Vicki Boyd, is a psychic spy. She travels to a remote village in Afghanistan in Vicki's Key to uncover a black market operation; she finds a woman with secrets that could topple our government in Secrets of a Dangerous Woman. And in Dylan's Song, due to be released in March 2013, she locates a CIA operative who disappeared in Ireland while following a known terrorist.