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Friday, January 25, 2013

Freaky Friday

Did you know that the color you gravitate toward says a lot about you?

If your favorite color is purple, you lean toward spirituality, humanitarianism and emotional security.

If your favorite color is indigo, you are looking for harmony and spirituality.

If your favorite color is blue, you are seeking inner peace and the truth.

If green is your favorite color, you are seeking acceptance and you feel a need to belong.

If yellow is your favorite color, you need logical order and structure in your life.

Orange is the color of courage. It can mean you are facing challenges and you need courage, or you are seeking challenges.

If red is your favorite color, you are firmly planted in your life here and now. You are action-oriented and need or seek physical fulfillment.

Having a favorite color at different times in your day or life might mean you need that particular color at that particular time. Think of your choices when you dress each morning. What do those colors signify in your day ahead?

If you avoid certain colors, why?

When writing, you can often say a lot about a person by the colors they wear. A woman who insists on wearing red might be one who craves sexuality or the physical experience. A woman who wear purple or indigo, especially in loose, flowing clothing, might live her life closely connected to the spiritual. A man who gravitates toward ties with orange in them might love a challenge. In addition to the way you describe a character in a book, you can weave color elements into your story as a subliminal message.