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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I love the start of a new year. As the old year draws to a close, I look back at things I've accomplished and set my goals for the coming year. Due to the popularity of my new series, Black Swamp Mysteries, much of my year has been set for me. And I hope to have some great news soon about an additional series I've been working on.

In 2012, I wrote three full-length books. Two of them were for the Black Swamp Mysteries series: Secrets of a Dangerous Woman, which was released in the autumn of 2012, and Dylan's Song, which will be released in the spring of 2013. They are the third and fourth books in the series.

I also began a separate series. The first book in the series is The Tempest Murders. My agent is currently shopping it around to interested publishers.

I start off 2013 by writing the sequel to The Tempest Murders. The working title is After the Tempest and it picks up one year after the first book leaves off. This series is the Ryan O'Clery series; for all of you who love Celtic men, you'll definitely find a lot to like in Ryan O'Clery.

Ryan comes from a long line of law enforcement officers near Dublin, Ireland. He is an educated man, dedicated to a life fighting crime. He moves to America when his sister, Claire, decides to attend college in North Carolina, planning to keep an eye on her and provide her with the safety net of a big brother in case she needs it.

Ryan obtains a job as a detective in a small North Carolina town - Lumberton, to be exact. In The Tempest Murders, he is investigating a string of murders when he realizes that the woman he loves is the killer's intended target.

The book takes place against the backdrop of Hurricane Irene, which hit the North Carolina coast in 2011 before making its way up the eastern seaboard. It also contains flashbacks in Ireland as Ryan stumbles across a journal kept by a distant ancestor, whose descriptions of a serial killer bear a striking resemblance to Ryan's case.