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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Teaser

Dylan's Song will be released this March. It's the fourth book in the Black Swamp Mysteries series and according to the initial reviews coming in, it's the best. I loved writing this book because Vicki and Dylan journey to Ireland and the backdrop is nothing short of breathtaking.

Here is an excerpt from the book as Vicki gets the phone call that beckons him home:

Dylan's cell phone rang and Vicki leaned across the bed to answer it. She was aware of only two people who had his number—Sam and herself. But as she grabbed the phone from the nightstand, the caller identification seemed strange; there were too many numbers.

“Sam?” she answered.

“I’ll be beggin’ your pardon,” came a lilting male voice, “it appears I’ve dialed a wrong number.”

“Wait,” Vicki said hastily, “Were you looking for Dylan Maguire?”

There was a hesitation on the other end of the line. “Dylan—I suppose that’s what he’s goin’ by now, ‘eh? I know him as Mick. Mick Maguire.”

It was odd to hear the Irish voice on the phone; stranger still was the reference to the man she loved as Mick.

“He’s in the shower,” she said. “I’m Vicki. I’m his girlfriend. Can I take a message?”

“His girlfriend.” The voice was softer. It was obvious she’d surprised him and now she could almost feel the wheels turning. “M’ name’s Father Rowan.”

“Father Rowan.”

“I’ll not be knowin’ if Mick ever mentioned me to you?”

Vicki glanced toward the bathroom as the shower was turned off. “I’m afraid not.”

“I’m a friend o’ the family. He gave me this number in the event o’ an emergency.”

Vicki sat up straighter and began to rummage for something to write with. “Yes?”

“Would you get a message to him, please?”

“Of course.” She found a pad of paper and hunted for a pen.

“Would you be informin’ him—his grandmother, his m’am, she’s—well, her days are numbered.”

“Excuse me?” She stopped searching for the pen and stared toward the bathroom door. It was slightly ajar and she glimpsed Dylan as he moved.

“She’s soon to leave this world,” he said. His voice was deep and a bit raspy. “She wants to see him one last time. I’ve called to beckon him home.”

“His grandmother—”

“His mum’s mum. She raised him since he was a tyke. And it’s her dyin’ wish to see him once more. I know he’s not likely to be wantin’ to return—but please, ask him to telephone me. He’ll be regrettin’ it if he doesn’t come home.”

“Of course I’ll tell him,” she said. Her own voice had grown softer.

“You ‘ave m’ gratitude, Miss Vicki.” With that, the phone clicked off.

You will soon be able to pre-order Dylan's Song on my website at The eBook will be available by late February and the official release date for the printed book is St Patrick's Day.   And yes, for all those asking: I WILL have advance copies at Book 'Em North Carolina!