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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Secrets of a Dangerous Woman

My 14th book was released earlier this month and I'm really happy to say it has come out of the starting gate at a gallop. For the first time ever, the eBook was released a month before the printed edition. The excitement has been building and in a few weeks, I will embark on an around-the-world blog tour - 21 stops in 21 days.

Secrets of a Dangerous Woman is part of the Black Swamp Mysteries series. It is set in Lumberton, North Carolina, where the black water of the Lumber River snakes through town. It's the perfect place to hide a body.

The town is a step back to yesteryear with its wide historic streets, trees overhanging to meet in the middle of the street like two ancient friends shaking hands...

And it's the site where a group of operatives gather, ready for their next CIA mission.

Vicki Boyd is a psychic spy who can travel to any longitude and latitude and report back to our government on exactly who and what is there;

Dylan Maguire is an undercover operative on his first CIA mission in Secrets of a Dangerous Woman;

Brenda Carnegie is a computer hacker who prefers to live on the wrong side of the law; and it's her illegal exploits that have her in Dylan's crosshairs as he undergoes his first mission: to interrogate her.

Christopher Sandige is a political strategist who is infatuated with the beautiful and mysterious Brenda but who may find he could risk too much to find her and keep her safe;

And when Brenda escapes from Dylan's custody, it's obvious that she had help from within the CIA's own ranks. With Vicki Boyd's help, Dylan finds her again. But now his mission has changed. Now he must discover why some in the highest government offices want her killed -- and others will risk everything to help her.

And when he discovers her true identity, his mission has just become very personal.

Buy it today at amazon: Kindle or in printed form. Also available at all fine book stores and for iPad, Nook and other eReaders!