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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tonight's the Night

Tonight is the official launch of my 14th suspense/thriller, Secrets of a Dangerous Woman. Just ten years ago if someone had told me I would have 14 books published and four more in various stages of production, I don't know if I would have believed them. Add to that the fact that I've started two series and at least two books a year will be published, and I know I wouldn't have believed them.

If you're in the Lumberton area, please drop by and see me at the Carolina Civic Center's Historic Theatre in beautiful downtown Lumberton. I'll be speaking there at 7:00 pm and selling and signing books afterward. The event is FREE and open to the public.

Since moving to Lumberton, North Carolina about 7 years ago, I've been writing full-time. I truly began enjoying it when I began using Lumberton as the backdrop. Lumberton is like a step into yesteryear; the historic downtown area is lined with giant trees that seem to shake hands above the road; the black waters of the Lumber River meander through town; the shops downtown are quaint, unique and friendly.

Yet just below the surface of the black waters that snake their way through town are secrets long hid... Secrets that begin to form and grow and undulate with each book I write.

Black Swamp Mysteries has an ensemble cast. I wanted to constantly surprise the reader and keep each book fresh - while, as book reviewer Donna Coomer put it, "feeling like you're reuniting with old friends."

The series' plots revolve around international crime, which will have the characters moving around the world in clandestine operations. Vicki's Key took place partially in Afghanistan in the remote regions of the Hindu Kush along the border of Pakistan. Secrets of a Dangerous Woman includes scenes in Argentina, where Brenda Carnegie was snatched up by CIA operatives and taken back to the United States in the darkness of night. Dylan's Song, which will be released in 2013, takes place in Ireland as Dylan and Vicki work to locate and extract a missing CIA operative.

Where do I find my ideas? I often find them right in the CIA's own declassified records. Truth is always stranger than fiction, isn't it?