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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vicki's Angelfish

So many people have asked me about the angelfish I raise that I've decided to begin a new blog for animal and fish lovers. The name is Vicki's Angelfish and I hope you'll pop in today to see my first post at

My fish keeping inspired scenes in my Black Swamp Mysteries series, in which Vicki Boyd and Dylan Maguire are angelfish breeders--which is actually a front for their real jobs as CIA operatives. I thought most folks' eyes would glaze over when they heard Vicki or Dylan speak of their angelfish business, which was perfect for two people who wanted to fly under the radar.

But in reality, each time I appeared for a talk or signing, I was asked about the angelfish. And the truth is, each time I wrote about them, my own angelfish would begin spawning again. The result has been a mushrooming little industry that holds a great deal of fascination for many. (Shown here is a rare blue angel and an even more rare Siamese angel in the background. All fish shown in my blogs are from my own collection.)

So if you'd like a peek into a relaxing world, come along with me and get to know the personalities, traumas and lifetimes of my angelfish. Along the way, you'll meet my rescue dogs, hear of their stories, and enter a world you won't soon forget.

Come along with me to Vicki's Angelfish... And be sure and sign up for notices when the blog is updated, as the mailing list is separate for the angelfish!