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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big Brother is Watching

I am always amazed when I learn of someone who thinks they can get away with lying.

As someone who earned a living in the computer industry (before becoming a full-time writer) I know the technology is there to watch anyone at any time. From satellites that can zoom in to determine the exact breed of a dog walking in the middle of the night to cybertracing every keystroke - in today's day and age, there should be no expectation of privacy.

So when I read about best-selling and award-winning author RJ Ellory faking his own book reviews, I could only shake my head. What was even more intriguing is his books are good. He didn't need to establish fake identities and go on amazon and other sites to praise his own books and trash those of his rivals. All he needed to do was allow his words to sell themselves - through the pages of his books.

Now his name will forever be known as the person who faked his own reviews.

Just like the author who bought thousands of copies of his own books to propel it to Number One - and then tried to return them.

Or the authors who pretend to be someone they are not, even establishing identities with fake families and alter-lives.

It always catches up with you. Always.