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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday - New Book Cover!

I'm thrilled to reveal the book cover for my 15th release, Dylan's Song!

The official release date for this fourth book in the Black Swamp Mysteries series is St Patrick's Day 2013. That's very appropriate because the book takes place in Ireland.

The cover is taken from a photograph made by fellow mystery author Pamela June Kimmell, who also writes children's books and is a fabulous painter and photographer. Her photographs, paintings and sketches adorn gorgeous note cards that I have proudly used for several years.

This particular photograph was taken when Pam and her husband Dave traveled to Ireland. Her blogspot features different photographs every Tuesday in which visitors try to guess where they were taken. Pam and Dave are real globetrotters so you never know what she's likely to post.

In Dylan's Song, Dylan Maguire gets word that his grandmother is on her deathbed. At the same time, Vicki is working a psychic mission involving a CIA operative who went missing in Ireland while tailing a known terrorist. Sam decides it's the perfect time for Dylan to go to Ireland and combine his personal business with finding and extracting the CIA operative. Vicki goes along as his cover so when they appear to be sightseeing, they are really performing reconnaissance work. Along the way, Vicki finds out the real reason Dylan left his native Ireland for a new start in America - while harboring a secret of her own.