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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Teaser in the UK

Today I am visiting the United Kingdom - an appropriate place for me to be since my Tuesday Teaser includes Irishman Dylan Maguire.

I hope you'll drop by and read today's post at the Bookalicious Travel Addict. Leave a comment and you could win a basket of goodies from the real town of Lumberton, North Carolina!

In Secrets of a Dangerous Woman, Dylan is returning home after a CIA mission when the fog moves into Lumberton - and reminds him of his home in Ireland:

It reminded him of Ireland, of the mists that rolled in during the wee hours of the morning, settling into the valleys and obscuring all in its path. He thought of the times when he stood on the small stoop of a porch, drinking his coffee or tea and watching the mists rise above the pond at the edge of the lawn. The mists of Ireland were something alive, something that could soothe a man’s soul or destroy it, something that cloaked a man when he wanted to be hidden or obscured that which he needed to see.

It reminded him of the precipitation that always seemed to hover over the land. One was always looking at the sky commenting on the rains that were coming or the rains that had just left, gauging the difficulty of the day’s activities by which way the wind was blowing the mist. It was the kind of precipitation that could soak into the bones in the coldest hours and sweeten the skin on the warmest of days.

And he missed it. He missed the feel of it on his brow, the ghostly way it surrounded and hugged him. He missed the way it could soften her features. No, he thought, involuntarily shaking his head as he rose. He wouldn’t think of her. Not now. Not ever.

He’d left those memories behind forever when he left Ireland, and he wouldn’t be going back.

Of course, Dylan does go back - in the next book of the series, Dylan's Song. Tune in tomorrow for more on that book!