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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Today I will be appearing on Angels and Warriors Radio! I hope you'll tune in and listen to my interview.

I've been asked at various appearances which authors I enjoy reading. I must admit, I love an escapist read. I want something to take me out of my life and my day-to-day obligations and transport me to another place and another time.

So here are some books I recommend this holiday season. Some are new and some are old, but all are great:

Erin Quinn's Haunting series: Haunting Beauty, Haunting Warrior, Haunting Embrace and Haunting Desire. They are set in Ireland and involve time travel. Fabulously written, you'll fall in love with each of the Irishmen. There's is so much suspense and nonstop action, you won't be able to put them down. Here's a link to the first book in the series.

Anne Rice's The Mummy. This is unlike any other mummy-rises-from-the-dead story you'll ever read. Picture a young Russell Crowe (in his Gladiator days) as Ramses the Great and you'll see what I mean! Here's a link to the book in paperback.

Daphne du Maurier is an author I've been reading and re-reading since childhood. Though Rebecca is one of her most well-known novels (she also wrote The Birds and was Alfred Hitchock's favorite author), my personal favorite is Jamaica Inn. Here's a link to this book in paperback.

I also enjoy true stories in which average people are placed in extraordinary circumstances:

In May of 1996, Jon Krakauer accompanied a team of climbers scaling Mount Everest. The original intent was to show the types of people who climbed to our world's highest peaks. But when a sudden storm strands them in the death zone, his story became one of life and death: Into Thin Air is a riveting read!

You always hear the book is better than the movie, and here's one that proves it: The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger is filled with so much suspense, you won't want to put it down. It is the true story of a superstorm that caught many ships out at sea - and the fight for survival by the crews that wanted to get home but became a part of history.

What are your favorite books this holiday season?