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Friday, December 14, 2012

Freaky Friday - Do You Believe?

I was asked recently if I believed everything I posted on Freaky Fridays.

The short answer is: of course not.

Those who thought I was losing my grip can rest assured: I still have my grip.

But I do enjoy thinking outside the box. That's what writing is all about, isn't it? Dreaming up the next big plot, the next formidable protagonist, the next hero. It's all about taking an idea and stretching it as far as you can.

For those who write suspense/thrillers like I do, it's about taking it to the limit and making it totally believable.

For those who write fantasy or science fiction, it's about taking us into the future or into the past and showing a world we will never know in our lifetimes on Earth.

This is considered the Golden Age for scientists. So on future Freaky Fridays, I'll continue to push the envelope. Let me know what your opinions are regarding the variety of documented discoveries and possible discoveries - and whether you believe them.