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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Making of a Psychic - Part 9

In the Black Swamp Mysteries series, Vicki Boyd is a psychic spy. She is considered one of the best the CIA has ever employed.

Vicki is both clairvoyant (meaning she sees what is unfolding) and clairaudient (meaning she hears what is being said). Since most psychics are either claircognizant (they sense something) or clairsentient (they feel something) obviously a psychic who can see and hear what is happening is of extreme value to our government.

In the opening chapter of Vicki's Key, Vicki is on a psychic mission to the amazon jungles to locate terrorists intending to overthrow a government who is friendly to the United States. Here is how she sees and hears what is going on in the jungle even though she is physically at Langley:

Vicki moved through the jungle almost as though she was gliding, though her mind registered the uneven evergreen carpet beneath her. She pushed past the giant fronds that reached across her path like arms blocking her way, feeling her way through the deepening shadows so far beneath the sky that it was becoming increasingly more difficult to distinguish night from day.
She reached the corner of the first building and hesitated. It was an interesting structure made from mud and reeds, held together with wood cut from the rainforest. The wood also served as frames around open windows; with no glass or material across them, she realized the building was simply a continuation of the jungle, only existing as a means to keep the constant rains off the inhabitants’ heads.
“I hear voices,” she whispered, knowing her supervisor, Sam Mizzoli, was waiting for her to continue.
“Confirm their identities,” he answered, his voice husky as it filled her ear.
She moved along the structure’s perimeter until she came to a wide window. Peering inside, she watched as seven men engaged in a heated debate around a homemade table and chairs.
“Identities confirmed.” Her voice sounded disembodied.
“How many?” Sam responded, his breath quickening.
“All of them.”
“All seven?”
“They’re all here. Maps on the table…” Her eyes roamed around the room, taking in the stash of weapons and ammunition leaning against the far wall and spilling over the table. “Enough ammunition to fight off an army,” she added.
“Coordinates.” His voice was authoritative.
She glanced downward and opened the palm of her hand. Her GPS was clear, the numbers so distinct they seemed to jump off the screen. She read the latitude and longitude almost robotically.
“Get out of there,” he directed.
She turned away from the window and back toward the jungle and the river. The far edge of the building that had appeared so distant only a moment earlier now seemed to rise up in front of her, mere inches from her face as she retreated. She had almost reached the edge where the structure gave way to the jungle’s lush vegetation when a lone figure turned the corner of the building and came face to face with her.

Next week: how psychic spies prepare themselves for their missions.