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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Made in the USA - Do You Care?

Last week, I mentioned the athletic shoes I recently purchased were made in the USA. It opened a flood of emails from folks asking about other products made in the United States, and how imports from other countries have negatively impacted jobs here in the USA. It's a theme I used in my recent political thriller, The Pendulum Files.

Over the past ten years, I've looked for furniture made in the USA. It tends to be better made, lasts longer and looks better than some of the furniture made overseas.

And it has the added benefit of putting our neighbors and friends to work right here in our country.

North Carolina was once known for their quality furniture. Many manufacturers moved their factories to Mexico, Central or South America, or to Asian countries. But a few have remained here, and some are coming back. One owner said when he looked at the demise of his town here in North Carolina, he realized he was partially to blame for it; he'd put around 400 Americans out of work so he could pocket more money himself. But his furniture sales declined because the quality was no longer there, and out-of-work Americans could no longer afford to buy it - or anything other than the basic necessities.

Does Made in the USA matter to you?

Or if you're not an American and you're reading this from elsewhere in the world, does it matter that you purchase goods made in your own country? Or do you believe that globalization benefits us all?

I was curious about furniture still made in North Carolina, and found this link with a list of companies:

What is your opinion about importing goods that could be made in your own region?