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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Making of a Psychic - Part 7

One aspect of psychic phenomena that is often difficult for the layperson to grasp is how a person can see things unfolding halfway around the world or in a place they've never visited in person. Science is actually coming closer to understanding how this can happen but we'll have to look at the invisible world of atoms, nuclear fission and quantum mechanics.

When an atom is split and moved apart from its partner, scientists have discovered what they do to one half impacts the other half. This is true even when the split atoms are thousands of miles apart. The impact is detected immediately as well; where we generally think of physical travel, the immediate impact confirms Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

A mother often knows this firsthand. There have been countless tales of women knowing that a son or a daughter was in trouble at the very time that something catastrophic has happened. It's more commonly known as Women's Intuition or a Mother's Intuition, but it suggests a bond exists between the mother and child, regardless of the space between them.

In scientific experiments where a mother is physically separated from a newborn child, the mother began to lactate when the child was hungry -- even if miles separated them.

Many people experience these "sixth sense feelings" but they don't act on them. Often what we have in front of us at the time uses our brain power or our energies and what we're sensing gets pushed to the background. But those in the psychic spy field must learn to listen to those whisperings.

Does this mean that a psychic spy can read your mind?

Usually not. But it does mean that psychic spies can often interpret your emotions, knowing whether you mean someone harm, you are suffering or reacting to something negative or positive, and how strong your own emotions are. They can often walk into a room and know who to gravitate toward and who to stay away from.

Next week: the four ways that psychics see.