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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Making of a Psychic - Part 1

Since I began writing the Black Swamp Mysteries series, I've been asked about my research into the character of Vicki Boyd, a CIA psychic spy. So over the next few weeks (or longer, if there's interest) I will be writing a series of blogs about the real psychic spy program and how science and the esoteric are meeting in this golden age of science and technology. Along the way, I'll give specific information about how psychic spies are trained, some of the declassified missions they were engaged in, and other things I've learned along the way as I've conducted some comprehensive research into psychic phenomena.

If you haven't read the Black Swamp Mysteries series, Vicki Boyd makes her entry in Vicki's Key. She came to the attention of the CIA when she was just twelve years old. She had a premonition that her parents would die in an airplane accident, but everyone from her parents to teachers to counselors were convinced that she was exhibiting an active imagination -- until her parents really were killed in the accident on a plane that Vicki had begged them not to take.

So are we born with psychic tendencies?

I have become convinced through my research that what we are able to see - the physical body - is a tiny fraction of who we really are. But each person makes a conscious decision whether to live a physical life or tap into something greater.

Most people focus on the physical. It can be challenging sometimes to concentrate on the work in front of you, your relationships, school or church or volunteer work, plus all the errands one must do to exist in this world - grocery shopping, keeping a roof over your head, etc.

But when we fall asleep, only our physical body requires the rest. It is then that people often dream.

And it is in dreams that psychic phenomena often begins to manifest itself.

Step number one is often to become more conscious of what you dream. When you awaken, try remembering as much as you can about your dreams. It doesn't matter at this point whether the dreams make sense, or if they are disjointed or seem nonsensical. Simply begin by becoming aware of them.

You may even want to begin a dream diary. Keep a notebook on your nightstand and jot down as much as you can recall about your dreams.

Next Tuesday, I'll talk about another step psychics often employ that build upon dreams.