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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

When a good girl crosses the line...

I've often described Vicki Boyd, one of the main characters in the Black Swamp Mysteries series, as a good girl who stays between the lines.

Well, turns out, that's not really true.

Vicki wants to stay within the lines; she really does. But sometimes things happen beyond her control.

There was the little matter of a dead body in her bedroom in Vicki's Key. No, of course she didn't call the police. Instead, she helped hide the body... which meant feeding it to the alligators in the black water of the Lumber River...

In Secrets of a Dangerous Woman, when she discovered her sister, bad girl Brenda Carnegie, knocked unconscious by a bad guy, she dragged her sister into the coal cellar - but not before using some pretty vicious moves Dylan taught her to fend off attackers. Let's just say that guy won't be having children any time soon.

Then in Dylan's Song, she witnessed three men surrounding her lover - and well, she just couldn't let that happen. So off she went with a pistol in hand. Turned out, she really didn't know how to use it so when she attempted to fire a warning shot... well, it hit one of the men.

Her response? Oops.

Sometimes a good girl just can't help being bad.

And who would I want to play Vicki if the series was turned into film? Amy Adams, pictured here.