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Friday, October 19, 2012

A Romantic

It turns out, Dylan Maguire is a romantic.

He's the Irishman who moves to America in Vicki's Key. The man who becomes a CIA operative in Secrets of a Dangerous Woman. The man with a mysterious past he thought he'd turned his back on forever in Dylan's Song.

He loves a warm fireplace on a cold evening;

A bottle of wine to warm from the inside out;

The way his lips feel against the pale, soft skin of Vicki's neck;

And the way the fur feels beneath their bodies in front of the fire.

He loves the look in her eyes as she leans back on the rug;

The way the fire reflects and dances in her irises;

The warmth of the blanket as he wraps them both

And the way the rest of the world no longer matters.

He loves the feel of her fingers running through his hair,

The sweet fragrance of her perfume as she lingers against his skin;

The sound of her voice

And a rapture only the two of them share.