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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Hero

Today I am a guest at Romance with an Attitude. One of the questions led me to reveal the identity of one of my heroes.

His name is Sam Simon.

You might never have heard of him but you certainly know his work. He helped to develop The Simpsons. But it isn't his work on the show that placed him into hero status. It is what he does with the money.

Sam funds 100% of The Sam Simon Foundation, which is dedicated to rescuing animals. On six acres of land in gorgeous Malibu, his staff retrains dogs that were once destined for euthanasia. One arm of the facility trains the dogs for use with deaf and handicapped individuals. Once trained, the dogs are provided free to those who need their services to survive or thrive on their own.

He also operates a free spay and neuter clinic which includes a mobile unit. It allows people who could not afford to spay or neuter their animals otherwise, the ability to help stop the proliferation of unwanted litters.

In recent years, he began another venture training dogs for soldiers returning from war who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

Dogs who don't successfully finish the training - possibly due to psychological problems or physical limitations - are placed into loving homes. The dogs that do finish perform a diverse array of duties for the people who need them the most.

He also funds a program in which people who can not afford to feed themselves or their pets can get assistance and free food.

He does not accept any contributions to The Sam Simon Foundation and if you try to send them money, they will send it back. He doesn't want the extra paperwork involved in accepting donations and he says it gives him pleasure to use his own money for such a worthwhile cause.

Visit Romance with an Attitude to read the rest of my interview with Debbie Wallace - and let me know who your hero is!