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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When Songs Inspire

Last week I finished my 15th book and off it went to my agent. This one will be released by a publisher other than Drake Valley Press so I don't yet have a release date on it. I have to say I am disappointed I finished it because I fell so in love with the main characters and the premise behind the plot.

Ryan O'Clery is a detective working a serial killer case. He's had vivid dreams his entire life of another place and time and a woman he would have given his soul for but who tragically died at the hands of a killer. Now the dreams are becoming more frequent and when he meets a reporter, Cathleen Reilly, who looks identical to the woman in his dreams, reality and fantasy begin to blend together. And when he comes across a journal from a detective in 1839 Ireland that mirrors his serial killer case exactly -- ending in the death of his beloved Caitlin O'Conor to the hands of a killer - he becomes convinced that he is the reincarnation of Rian Kelly and Cathleen is Caitlin. But as Hurricane Irene barrels down on the North Carolina coastline, he begins to wonder if he can alter events in this lifetime - or if they are destined to play out the same scenario, lifetime after lifetime, always ending in Cait's death.

My agent is shopping a movie deal and if fantasies come true, I'd love to hear Alex Band's song, Will Not Back Down, as the movie trailer and theme song. Imagine this scene and then listen to the song:

Ryan and Cathleen had a misunderstanding due in part to Ryan jumping to conclusions and not allowing her to explain her past, though he is madly in love with her. He discovers she's left for the Outer Banks as Hurricane Irene approaches the coast - and he's also discovered the serial killer is following her. In a dramatic attempt to stop Fate from repeating itself, he goes after Cathleen and tries to reach her before the hurricane overtakes the island and sweeps her out to sea -- and before the killer can find her and end her life as he did nearly 200 years earlier during the worst storm to hit Ireland in more than 300 years.

This was the best audio I could find of Will Not Back Down:

What songs do you envision for the books you are writing or reading? Do you ever associate a specific song with a book or movie?

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