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Saturday, July 21, 2012

For the Love of Animals

I don't generally post on weekends. After working 60+ hours from Monday through Friday, I try to take it a little easier on the weekends. But today I wanted to share a very special story.

This is Lucy. One month ago, Lucy was in the dog pound and would have been euthanized on a Monday morning except the Robeson County (NC) Humane Society rescued her on Saturday, about 36 hours before she would have died.

The following day as she was being fostered by a RCHS board member, Bill, she became very sick. It turned out she had parvo. She spent the next week fighting for her life. Unable to eat, she was kept alive at the vet's office through IV's.

The Robeson County Humane Society, a no-kill facility, was committed to getting her the best medical care possible. And when she was able to be released from the veterinary hospital, she returned to the board member's home to foster.

When that person suffered a death in the family, I was asked if I could foster Lucy. I have to admit, I am a failure at fostering. Once they get here, they never leave. And Lucy won't, either.

She is just 10 pounds and a sack of bones and the sweetest thing you ever saw. She was listed as a Jack Russell mix but if you could see her paws and the way she stands, you'd know she has Basset Hound in her. So we're calling her a Jack Bassett.

Eddie, our Jack Russell, is calling her "girlfriend." (Lucy is wearing the orange collar and Eddie is wearing the blue collar. We've ordered a hot pink collar for Lucy with her name and phone number embroidered on it.)

Eddie is another rescue from the Robeson County Humane Society. He had been shot in the leg, rescued by the Humane Society, and adopted by my family. We had his leg reconstructed with a metal plate and he's doing great.

Lucy also joins our collie, our third rescue from the Robeson County Humane Society, and a foxhound, who we adopted from the Richmond (VA) SPCA along with her brother Skipper, who passed away about a year and a half ago.

I think Lucy knows she's home.

Happy Weekend, everybody!