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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Wonderful Blog Award

I don't usually post on Mondays - Wednesdays are my posting days - but I wanted to write a special blog to thank fellow author Pamela June Kimmell for awarding me The All Around Wonderful Blog Award. I have been a follower and fan of Pam's blog, One Spoiled Cat, for some time now and admire her ability to write a blog seven days a week.

Some of my fellow authors write for other authors, posting tips on writing or the publishing industry. I have chosen to write for people who share a love of reading. It is my belief that reading a book can change your mood, alter your day or transform your life. It feeds us in either positive or negative ways, depending on what we are reading. It opens new worlds, allows us to explore new frontiers, to move into the past or flash forward to the future.

Reading and writing has been with me through my darkest hours and my brightest days. And while a movie might capture your attention for a couple of hours, a book engages your mind and your spirit. You can become the main character (or any character you connect with) and long after you put that book down, those people, that setting, that era - has the power to remain with you.

So, what am I reading this month?

I started out the month with Amber Scott's excellent book Irish Moon, which took me back to Ireland in a time when Christianity was on the rise and paganism was punishable by death...

I love it so much I read another book by Amber Scott, Fierce Dawn, which is like True Blood Meets X-Men: totally captivating and engaging.

And I just finished Erin Quinn's Haunting Beauty, which mesmerized me so much when I reached the last page, I turned to the first page and began reading it all over again. I also ordered her other three books in her Haunting series.

What are you reading? Which books have remained with you over the years and continue to captivate and enthrall you?