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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Power of Sound

Few people think about sound when they think about the act of writing or reading. Yet sound can be a powerful force through the entire process of developing each scene... to reading someone else’s writing.

Consider when a book is made into a movie, how the scenes are enhanced through music. The pages of a book cannot convey that music (though who knows what enhancements eBooks will bring) but it can alter the way in which the writer constructs the story.

I know a man who has television sets in every room and each one is set to the same station with back-to-back coverage of politics. For every news story, there are hours of pundits and their predictions. Over the years, I’ve seen this individual become very narrow-minded, extremely negative and downright unhappy. The same thing has played out with another man I know who listens to back-to-back political radio programs throughout every waking hour.

The shows in the background might be considered simply “white noise” to them, something to keep them from feeling completely alone. But the words seep into the mind, deep into the consciousness and affect what they think and feel.

If you don’t think sound can alter your emotions, consider some of the most compelling movie scores. Listen to the music below. Close your eyes and see what your inner mind sees.

Now listen to this music. Compare the varied emotions:

If you are a writer, what are you listening to and how does it affect what you write? If you are a reader, do you read in silence or listen to music? What music might you hear in your mind as you read various scenes?

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