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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Ghostly Tale

When I was young, we used to visit my grandparents in the family's Plymouth Fury. We always managed to ride in the pitch blackness along winding, desolate roads bordered by giant trees whose branches reached across the roadway like hands waiting to snatch us. Our Plymouth had the largest windows of any vehicle I ever remembered, which made me feel especially vulnerable when my older sister insisted on telling us ghost stories.

Hearing about ghosts and even seeing them was nothing new to us.

I remember the first time I ever saw a ghost as vividly as though it happened yesterday. I might have been about four years old. I was piled in the bed with my older sister and brother and my younger brother, while my mother lay with us and told us bedtime stories.

I remember looking at the end of the bed and seeing a man standing there, staring at my mother. She saw him as well, as did my siblings, and she started calling to my father to come to us. I remember, even at that young age, thinking, "Dad's going to be mad!"

When my father walked across the threshold into the bedroom, the man disappeared. I remember crawling out of bed and looking for him, but of course he was gone.

Two days later, my mother received a phone call. A man she had dated for nine years before she met my father had died two days earlier. He had always loved my mother, always wanted to marry her. And when she married another, he never married. He died alone in his home, reaching for the phone as he began to hemorrhage. The time of death was estimated at the very time he was standing in my mother's bedroom.

Through the years I've seen many ghosts. Some friendly, some loving, other mischievous and some frightening. Shown below: scenes from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

What ghosts have you seen?

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sadly I don't think I've ever seen a ghost.

Dianna said...

Wow. This is amazing.
I can't say that I've ever seen a ghost. But I was with my (grown) son when he saw one. We were both working at historic Bacon's Castle in Surry County, VA a few years ago. He feared I wouldn't believe him; anyone who saw his reaction would have no doubt. He doesn't tell many people about the experience, as he doesn't think they'd believe him.

p.m.terrell said...

If I had been with your son, Dianna, I am sure I would have seen it, too - I often do! I have heard a lot of stories about Bacon's Castle. Did you ever research the history behind the ghost? Someone who died there or worked there in the past, perhaps?

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That gave me the chills!

The house I grew up in was haunted. It was a 50+ year old farmhouse when we moved in and something must've happened in the dining room, because that's where all of the noises and incidents occurred.

One time I even glanced in our big dining room window from outside in time to see a man walk through. My mom was outside, so I ran in to see who it was. No one was there.

The shape of our house meant that my bathroom shared a wall with the dining room and I used to hear knocks on the other side all the time.

p.m.terrell said...

Wow, Dianne, that's like something I watch on TV! VERY interesting! Did you ever find out the story behind the ghost - whether he died there in the dining room? I'm hearing Twilight Zone music!