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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weigh in on Eye and Hair Color

I'm working on a new, stand-alone book for possible publication in 2015. I will be introducing an entirely new set of characters, and I'd like your opinion.

To the right of this post are two questions. Which eye color do you find sexiest and most intoxicating? Feel free to leave a comment as well, if you'd like to explain why you chose what you did (the poll is anonymous) or you'd like to mention a particular actor, musician or celebrity who has the eyes you'd love to see in the bedroom.

And what hair color do you consider the sexiest? Feel free to leave additional comments below with information about length, style, etc.

And in future posts, I'll discuss the findings and how this new character is developing - with your help.

Feel free to share this poll with your friends. The more responses we get, the more intriguing it will be to see the results!