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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Making of a Psychic - Part 11

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a ghost and a spirit? Or whether a psychic spy leaves an imprint on the area he or she is spying on?

I encountered this question when I was writing Vicki's Key. Vicki, a CIA psychic spy, is on a mission in a remote village in Afghanistan when a young girl acknowledges her presence. Sam, her CIA boss, disputes that it's possible.

When I was writing the scene, I posed the question to real psychic spies. Their answer led me into a new direction - that of ghosts and spirits and quantum physics.

For the record, a ghost is someone who has physically died but who has not transcended to another plane. This occurs for many reasons: it could be that the individual feels their job is not done; perhaps a mother is watching over a child or a person is watching over their spouse - as in the movie Ghost. They are stuck between this plane - the physical plane of Earth - and the next plane - one some call heaven or hell or an afterlife.

A spirit, on the other hand, is someone who is already on the other side and they are able to transcend the planes between us to communicate with us. These could be guardian angels, spirit guides or other disembodied beings.

A psychic spy is someone who has the ability to transcend space and time to "appear" in all forms except flesh-and-blood in another location. You might consider this hogwash or the stuff of science fiction, but if you consider the matter seriously, there is a rational reason why law enforcement and governments use psychics and their abilities. It is possible for some people to transport themselves to another location. So, do they leave a psychic imprint, much the same as a ghost or a spirit?

The answer is yes. However, not everyone can see them. Children are more likely to sense the presence of someone's spirit or imprint than an adult; adults have been "programmed" to explain away the feeling. Some people have the ability to see a psychic spy in action, much as they have the ability to see a ghost or a spirit. Whether they can communicate with the spy requires another level in which they can also hear the spy or receive telepathic or empathic messages.

In Vicki's Key, Vicki discovers that a child in the amazon, a little girl in Afghanistan and another psychic spy can actually detect her presence - and in the case of the other psychic spy, it places her life in danger.

So the next time you feel someone looking over your shoulder only to turn around and no one's there...

Think again.