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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Making of a Psychic - Part 3

There are currently a number of governments around the world who employ psychic spies in their military or intelligence agencies. One accepted method that leads to training is to begin with a complete psychological profile of the person. When someone is undergoing a psychic mission, the last thing they need is for their own personal agenda, biases or emotions to get in the way. That can alter the results and make the psychic less reliable.

Then they undergo a series of tests to see if they actually have some psychic ability or they're just guessing... or they are charlatans.

One of the first basic tests includes a series of pictures, letters or numbers. One person will go into a room that has never been seen by the psychic. They are instructed to turn over cards, displaying each of the pictures, letters or numbers. They don't do this rapidly but wait a minute or so between each one.

The psychic is in another room and is told to describe the images that come through to them.

A true psychic will begin to pick up on the images or the specific letters or numbers, repeating them back. The higher their score, the higher their potential.

Someone who is just guessing or someone who is a charlatan will be completely clueless about the images.

One of the best psychic spies tested not only described each of the cards but described the young woman turning them over and the room she was seated in - even though he had never seen the woman or the room before.

A fun way to test your own psychic or intuitive ability is to be shown a photograph. It's up to you to determine who the person is or what their characteristics are. One that recently came across my desk was from Anna Sayce. Check out this blog to view the pictures:

Then go to this blog to see who the woman actually is, her nationality and what happened to her life:

Next week I'll discuss more testing of psychic spies and how their training begins to develop. In the future, I'll also discuss pitfalls they have to avoid and how governments double-check the results of their psychic missions with boots on the ground.