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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Teaser - Kindle Release of The Tempest Murders

The official release date for my latest book, The Tempest Murders, is September 30. However, the book is now available at Kindle and will soon be available in all eBook formats.

This book introduces Irishman Ryan O'Clery. Born and raised and educated in Dublin, he moved to North Carolina when his sister Claire decided to go to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ryan is from a long line of law enforcement officers, including a great-uncle five generations before his time named Rian Kelly. He's the man Detective Ryan Kelly O'Clery is named after. And when Ryan discovers Rian's journal detailing a series of murders identical to homicides he's working now, he begins to wonder if he isn't the reincarnation of Rian Kelly himself.

In 1839, Rian Kelly lost his soul mate, a woman he was set to marry during the Night of the Big Wind, a storm with hurricane force winds that swept the Atlantic Ocean from Ireland's western shores all the way to the Irish Sea. Before the water rushed in, taking everything in its path, the killer was seen just outside her door.

Now he's back in 2011 North Carolina as Hurricane Irene is slamming ashore. As Ryan tries to close in on the killer, Diallo Delport closes in on Cathleen Reilly, the woman Ryan has fallen madly in love with.

Is history destined to repeat itself?

Or can Ryan stop the killer and change their destinies?