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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Teaser - Cathleen Reilly

Last week I disclosed the actor's name who I thought would play an awesome Ryan O'Clery in my latest release, The Tempest Murders. Kevin Ryan is currently playing on the BBC America series Copper, but alas, just a few days after my blog, I learned that Copper is being cancelled.

The role of Ryan O'Clery's love interest, Cathleen Reilly, is more elusive. I wasn't able to think of any actress I'd have in mind for her - until I saw a recent episode of Copper in which a minor role played by Kendra Anderson brought to mind the late, great Vivien Leigh.

Cathleen Reilly is described with long, brunette hair with a touch of chestnut highlights. Unlike Vivien Leigh, however, she doesn't have green eyes but blue-gray eyes, the color of the Irish Sea.

When Cathleen appears in Ryan's back yard, searching for the Detective in charge of the serial murders in North Carolina, he thinks he's dreaming - because she is a dead ringer for the woman he's dreamed about ever since he can remember.

And when he stumbles upon a journal left by an uncle five generations back, he discovers the woman Rian Kelly loved and lost also looked identical to Cathleen. Convinced he is the reincarnation of Rian Kelly and Cathleen is the reincarnation of Caitlin O'Conor, his dreams blur with reality as the he discovers Rian was also investigating a series of murders--nearly two hundred years earlier and half a world away. Those murders ended with the loss of his beloved Caitlin.

And now Detective Ryan O'Clery must stop the killer in present day North Carolina - before history repeats itself.

The Tempest Murders is now available in paperback and in eBook. If you live in Lumberton, you can also purchase it from Just Teazin' Salon on Roberts Avenue.