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Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Morning - Reviews

Last week five reviewers reviewed the second book in the Black Swamp Mysteries series, Vicki's Key. I knew where the reviews were supposed to appear but I didn't know the content.

I don't usually pay attention to reviews. If they are all glowing, it's too easy to believe your press and end up with an inflated ego and sense of self. If they are critical, it can be too easy to feel depressed over it. So I simply write the best book I can write at the time and hope that I am always improving... And then let others read the reviews.

But this time, it was a review tour. Not only did the reviewers post their critique of Vicki's Key but then I had to visit the website and leave a comment and answer any questions readers might have for me.

Fortunately, four of the reviews were glowing. Only one reviewer said she didn't understand it. I mentioned this to an acquaintance who makes her living editing and critiquing manuscripts. She said my books were "sophisticated" and for "the thinking reader".

I count myself as very lucky indeed to have such sophisticated fans who keep reading book after book. It's you who keep me writing.

And if you're interested in reading the reviews, the list is found on my website at Just click on the "Media Watch" link in the left menu and you can click through to each review.

Do reviews influence you?