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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - Social Media

I've been speaking to more and more people who are making important connections through social media.

My sister was the first to tell me that Twitter eliminates the hierarchy; the gatekeepers are gone and the individuals tweeting are usually-though not always-the person himself/herself that is so difficult to reach otherwise.

Then this week I learned of an author who signed with one of the New York publishers by reaching out via Twitter. Another made contact through LinkedIn. Both of these publishers have guidelines that require submissions be made through a literary agent - but both accepted their queries and subsequently offered contracts.

In looking over the list of people following my tweets, I see folks at the top of their game - whether it's in the music industry, movies, books or other pursuits. Some of them I've successfully made contact with which have led to joining forces, most notably at the annual Book 'Em North Carolina events.

Facebook allows me to post pictures and leave longer posts and it allows me to reach a different audience. Again, I've made contacts in the music and movie industries as well as the literary arts. My book covers are all on Pinterest.

How are you using social media to enhance or further your career?

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