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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Teaser - An Irish Village

Today I'll be stopping by Hywela Lyn's blogspot and I hope you'll drop in and visit me there.

My 15th release, Dylan's Song, takes the reader to Ireland and to the Irish village where Dylan grew up. It is where Dylan and Vicki - with Brenda in tow - rent a small cottage and it's where his next CIA mission is launched.

The village is in a rural area, one of the remote regions of Ireland that is difficult and time-consuming to reach. The population hasn't changed much over the centuries; those who can, move away. Those who remain eventually pass away, like Dylan's grandmother. But the village itself remains the same, decade after decade.

The focal point of the village is the Catholic Church, which sits atop a hill and looks down upon the village from a mile away. It is where Dylan's childhood friend, Thomas Rowan, is now priest.

In front of the church is an unpaved road that intersects with another; to the right, the road leads to the home where Dylan grew up. To the left, it leads to the cottage he is renting. Straight ahead leads into the village... and into his past.

And just beyond the village begins the Bog of Allen... and a missing CIA operative.