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Monday, March 25, 2013

Fiction Writing and Other Oddities

I am continuing my month-long blog tour for my 15th release, Dylan's Song, and today I am appearing at Fiction Writing and Other Oddities. I hope you'll drop by and read the latest interview. Be sure to leave a comment so you have a chance to win the Celtic necklace I'll be giving away at the end of the tour.

I enjoy these interviews because I never know what I am going to be asked. Some of the questions are quite inventive, even to one who writes fiction!

I was asked recently why I write fiction when I first began my career writing non-fiction. The truth is, I enjoy fiction much more. I don't have to check and re-check every fact to make sure it is 100% accurate or risk being sued. And the characters can come to life in my mind and do things or go into directions I would not have imagined when I first began writing the book.

Yes, I do get surprised by my characters - frequently! If I didn't, I think the process of writing would become boring. And my theory is, if I am boring myself while I am writing, the reader will be bored to pieces while reading it. Perhaps the reason my books are non-stop action is because I like something that is engaging... and addictive.