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Friday, February 22, 2013

Freaky Friday

Figure the odds of a meteor striking the earth at the same time as an asteroid passes under some of the satellites, so close to earth that in Indonesia it could be seen clearly with telescopes.

Turns out, meteors hit the earth more frequently than we might have imagined. It's only been a stroke of luck that has prevented them from hitting major cities and major population areas.

Asteroids formed the earth millenia ago. Flying debris began locking onto each other until they became larger and larger, forming the earth. This means at one time, the earth was pummeled by asteroids hitting at such frequent intervals that life could not be sustained. It was only after the asteroid and meteor showers slowed that life began to form - first as bacteria and the lowest life forms, eventually evolving into the plethora of animal and sea life we see today.

It is even believed that the moon was formed by two giant planets - the earth and another - hitting one another, spinning off the smaller moon that we see every night.