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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finding Inspiration

I am frequently asked how I am able to keep up the pace with my writing and I can honestly say I have never experienced writer's block. I find inspiration in a photograph, something someone says in conversation or even in songs.

I love music and I often listen to various songs while I am working. Right now, sandwiched in between two books in my Black Swamp Mysteries series, I am writing a romantic suspense from a male point of view. Recently divorced, the main character finds himself dreaming of the perfect woman; his soul mate. And when she appears to materialize almost before his eyes, he becomes obsessed with her until reality has blended so seamlessly with his dreams that he is unable to distinguish between the two.

I was running errands today and listening to a new CD by my favorite male voice, Alex Band, when I came across his song, Tonight. I've been an Alex Band fan since he released Wherever You Will Go with The Calling and now this song cements his standing in my eyes. And it's the perfect song for the scene in my book when the main character sees the woman of his dreams in the flesh for the first time...

What songs do you listen to while you write? What songs and what voices speak to you?

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