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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Busting #Irish #Myths: Numbers 1 and 2

I recently returned from another trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland. In speaking with fellow Americans, I've been surprised to learn how others envision Ireland, particularly if they have never traveled to Europe - or even outside the United States. So I am beginning this series to dispel a few myths.

Myth # 1 : All Irish Live in Little White Cottages

Followed quickly by:

Myth #2 : All Irish Live in Centuries-Old Stone Castles

It is true that little white cottages dot the Irish countryside, which is part of its age-old charm. And it is also true that hundreds of castles or castle ruins can be found all over the Emerald Isle. But the typical Irish resident doesn't live in a cottage or castle with no running water, no electricity and no access to the outside world any more than the typical American doesn't live in a log cabin without modern conveniences.

Irish homes can have beautifully modern kitchens with all the latest, modern appliances. Even older homes frequently have remodeled kitchens with islands and an open floor plan. Bathrooms can actually be more modernized than the typical American home, with water-saving devices that still pamper - like separate showers and jet tubs. Irish rooms are also becoming larger again; at one time rooms were very large and then as more rooms became the norm (such as a receiving room, or formal living room as well as a den or family room) rooms tended to get smaller. In the past two decades, they've become larger again while not sacrificing the number of rooms. It isn't uncommon to find homes upwards of 2,500 square feet or even double that.

WiFi is common all over the island, and it's more of an anomaly finding someone without WiFi than someone with it. They have satellite television series as well as cable. Cell phones are common. And they have more wind energy and solar panels than anywhere I have traveled in the USA. 

The cost of housing is low compared to the United States unless you are living in one of the major cities such as Dublin or Galway, or you are conveniently located near mass transit, which is commonly used today by commuters.

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