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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What can mere words do?

What do you think mere words can do?

It turns out, quite a bit.

Whether the words are sent in an email, a text message, a letter or within the pages of a book, words evoke emotions: anger, sadness, happiness, stress, elation, depression... They can motivate us or deflate us. They can raise us up or tear us down. They can help to propel us forward on our life's journey, or they can kick us back and dare us to rise up again.

With every word a person writes, they leave an imprint in this world. Sometimes it's just on the person to whom they were personally writing; but often the result of those words spiral outward and touch more lives than one individual.

Sometimes the words touch hundreds or thousands, and sometimes they have the weight to change the world. Consider books like Uncle Tom's Cabin and the affect it had on so many. The emotions it evoked depended largely on whether it was read in the North or the South or overseas; whether the reader was white, black, male or female... But it served to point a glaring spotlight in a particular direction.

What book have you read recently that changed your mind, your attitude, or even one day in your life?