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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Release of The Tempest Murders

On September 30, The Tempest Murders was officially released. This week marks the start of a three-month virtual book tour, in which I'll be participating in interviews, guest blogs, and you'll read a number of reviews of this book, my 16th release.

This book is tied with Dylan's Song as my favorite. It actually means a lot to me personally, and when I wrote it I thought that women would enjoy it much more than men. It has surprised me, however, as men have really enjoyed it more than any other book I've written, and are eager to see it as a series.

The book has been nominated for the 2013 USA Best Book Award as well as the 2014 International Book Award, both in the cross-genre category.

It is the story of Irish immigrant Ryan O'Clery, who is a detective working a series of murders when he stumbles upon a journal kept by an uncle who died nearly two hundred years earlier. Rian Kelly detailed the same type of murders, and as the case unfolds, Ryan realizes the victims, the unique method of death and even the killer's description matches his ancestor's almost perfectly.

What's more is at the height of the worst storm in Ireland's history, Rian Kelly lost his soul mate to the killer. Now, as Hurricane Irene barrels toward the North Carolina coast line, history is poised to repeat itself.

This is the story of soul mates found, lost and reunited... And of the lengths one man will go to change their destinies.

Follow my first virtual book tour here, where you'll see each stop listed toward the bottom of that page. The book is carried by all fine book stores. It is available in the UK on amazon, and is also available on amazon in the United States in both Kindle and Paperback editions.