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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Teaser - The Real Ghosts

Last Tuesday, I ran an excerpt from Vicki's Key that took place when Vicki awakens in the middle of the night and sees a ghost in the bathroom mirror.

Some of the ghosts in the book are based on real sightings.

One such ghost is called the Lady in White. She has been seen multiple times at the Carolina Civic Center, a beautiful and historic theatre in Lumberton's downtown. She is dressed all in white, though some have reported that the dress is a white background with a pastel or light pattern. It is a style reminiscent of the 1940's or earlier, when women dressed in their finest to attend the theatre.

She appears on the balcony of the theatre. She glides from one side of the balcony seating to the other, and simply disappears through the wall.

I got the idea of using ghosts in the book when I attended a Robeson County Arts Council meeting at the Carolina Civic Center. I arrived early and while I waited for others, the theatre's Director told me about various ghost sightings there. Some, like the Lady in White, have never harmed anyone - though she has startled quite a few.

But one has been reported to push the employees down a back flight of steps. It generally happens after the play or event has finished and the audience and performers have left. One or two employees would remain behind to check the entire building before completely locking up. It is during this check that two have reported feeling someone's hand on their back just before they are shoved forward and downward. No one has ever been hurt, though you can imagine the impact to them emotionally and mentally as they grab for the railing to stop their fall...

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one?