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Friday, November 9, 2012

Freaky Friday

I love the Discovery channel and Science channel. And it's always true what they say:

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Archeologists have found paintings around the world that depict beings that look like extraterrestrials. In the past, scientists, researchers and archeologists have often claimed that these were the figments of the caveman's imagination.

So I've been wondering:

These cavemen barely knew how to make fire. In some cases, they hadn't even accomplished that. Their days were spent trying to survive. Their nights were probably worse.

So are we to believe that they really had an active imagination?

Or is imagination something cultivated over the centuries as our basic needs were fulfilled?

What do you think? Could these cave drawings have come purely from the imagination of a man just barely able to stand upright? Or could they be drawings of something they actually saw?

Do you read science fiction? If so, have you questioned how close to the truth those stories could be?