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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whatever Happened to Poetry?

One of the greatest perks of organizing a huge event like Book 'Em North Carolina is meeting and networking with so many authors. So many of us have become friends and remain in touch week after week. It has opened my vistas to new genres and have led to rediscovering many old ones.

Please join me today at Book 'Em North Carolina as guest Branch Isole talks about Whatever Happened to Poetry?

Then leave a comment and let us know whether you also write poetry, or if you used to and stopped, and what your thoughts are on poets and poetry and their role in today's world.


Author & Illustrator said...

This sounds interesting. Do you ever put poetry in your writings? I once thought I would. Seems when poetry comes out, it's in other locations, lol.

p.m.terrell said...

Hi, Bonnie! Thanks for stopping in. I haven't put poetry in any of my books yet though I have come close. What about you? Have you thought of putting it into your books? Love your illustrations, by the way!

Author & Illustrator said...

I came up with a saying one time, then made a poem out of it. I had thought it would eventually go in the novel, but never made it. If anything, poetry seems to happen when I paint. I've got two at the moment where that's happened.
Here are the links:

Author & Illustrator said...

Oh, and thanks, Trish, for the comments about the art!

p.m.terrell said...

Awesome, Bonnie! You should look into getting your poetry published. Your talent knows no boundaries - I've never seen anyone so talented in so many directions!